Selected Best of Stamford 2023

Dr. Futterman took time to do an extensive assessment of the problem/symptoms I was having – by listening and by recommending/administering relevant samples/tests. She went outside traditional limits to prescribe treatments that would fix the problem from the inside out, rather than only bandage symptoms or pain. -Rachel B. Stamford, CT

My husband and I first met Dr. Futterman back in Spring 2012 – and we have never looked back. Dr. Futterman always takes the time to listen to you and hear what you are saying, and sometimes what you are not saying. She heard and understood things with both me and my husband that we hadn’t even truly realized. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and helpful – her energy is truly uplifting and contagious! We always turn to Dr. Futterman first whenever we have issues pop up. I have been battling chronic Lyme Disease for most of my life – with sometimes debilitating pain – through her knowledge, time and working with me to find the right combination of supplement and remedies, I have been living a relatively pain free life for several years! We are truly grateful to have found Dr. Futterman!! -Kelly W. NY, NY

At 27 years old, I was treated for shingles, Lyme disease, and chronic fatigue that led to a constant state of weakness for the next 4 years. Examinations across multiple medical specialties led to negative findings, but I knew that the malaise had deeper roots that no traditional medical approach could find. But how do I prove it? I then found Dr. Laura Futterman and after following her treatment protocols, my renewed health and vitality speaks as proof itself. She not was only able to alleviate my symptoms but was able to unearth the root causes of my illness. The level of rigor executed in her problem solving is overwhelmingly impressive, only eclipsed by her vast knowledge and expertise of her field. I don’t recall ever having a question or concern that Dr. Futterman didn’t meet with a sound explanation or suggestion. Though there’s no proverbial silver bullet with your health, but I do promise you that with discipline and dedication in working with Dr. Futterman, you will be all for the better. – Karen J. Stamford, CT

Dr. Futterman has completely changed my life. When I first went to Dr. Futterman I was in pain virtually every minute of the day in some part of my body. My mental health was less than great and I really needed a life raft, and she was that raft. Together we tackled my late stage Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia and she has done what I always thought to be impossible; she has enabled me to live a normal, happy life. I am near the finish line of my treatment I feel incredibly lucky to have found her. She is one of the most caring, funny, and smart people I know. Thank you Dr. Futterman for all you do and for being my partner in crime against Lyme. -Carly D. Norwalk, CT

Dr. Futterman has been a constant source of patience, positivity, and calm in working with me on both my Lyme disease and my chronic migraines. She is extremely patient working with different symptoms and situations, and has worked really hard with me to get to the root cause of my issues without breaking the bank. She is incredibly understanding and caring, and truly has her patients’ best interests at heart. Dr. Futterman also takes into account both western and eastern medicine when working with patients, which is extremely helpful when working with a team of other doctors as well. I can’t recommend her enough – she has been a Godsend to me! -Lindsay W. Stamford, CT

After an agonizing and frustrating 6-month health crisis in which I’ve visited 25 different doctors and specialists, including 2 trips to the ER, Dr. Futterman quickly and easily diagnosed me with Lyme disease. At that point, I wasn’t able to eat, sleep and was barely walking. Dr. Futterman started me on a gentle but thorough and very effective treatment protocol, and I slowly began to recover. As I continue my treatment and get stronger and healthier, I firmly believe that Dr. Futterman has brought me back to health, and I look forward to feeling even better. She is really attentive, caring and dedicated to healing, and I can’t ever thank her enough. -Sunny T. Danbury, CT

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Futterman’s for a few years now. I much prefer alternative medicine wherever possible, as I prefer the gentleness of alternative remedies and the fact that they normally try to actually fix the issue rather than just try to treat or suppress a symptom. Dr. Futterman is kind, caring and very knowledgeable. She really listens to her patients, sees the “whole” person and really tries to tailor a treatment to address the patient overall as well as specific or complicated issues. Everyone’s body is different, and there is sometimes a trial and error process(especially with chronic issues). Dr. Futterman is enthusiastic and has been willing to keep trying until you reach your goal. She is also very responsive if an urgent issue or problem with the treatment plan arises between appointments. She uses a variety of alternative and energetic principles. I visit Dr. Futterman in conjunction with my regular internist or other western medicine as necessary and Dr. Futterman always seems willing to integrate her treatment where possible. With Dr. Futterman I truly feel that I am on a healing path! -Debra F.

Dr. Futterman is a truly remarkable health specialist. My initial visit with her was over ten years ago, when I was experiencing bad headaches. After following her dietary recommendations I have been headache- free ever since. She is my go-to doctor for any type of nutritional advice. She is very informative and extremely helpful in her knowledge of naturopathic medicine. She has taught me valuable health practices which I have also implemented in my family’s diets and daily routines. I will continue to see Dr. Futterman for years to come, and I will certainly recommend her to family members and friends. -Josie W, New Canaan, Ct

Dr Futterman is a gifted naturopath who I was fortunate to meet a few years ago when looking for more natural treatment for my newborn son. Since then all the family has become patients of hers. I really like the fact that she uses homeopathy as well as kinesiology and is very intuitive about remedies and treatment. -C.F, Stamford, CT

Finding Dr. Futterman was a game changer. Her expertise and passion for a holistic individual approach to treatment helped me pinpoint and treat the root of years of symptoms.
Her down-to-earth attitude and humor make visits productive and fun. Knowing my family has the support of Dr. Futterman helps me sleep better at night! I don’t know what I’d do without her. -Jamie D, Stamford, CT

I discovered Dr. Futterman after years of seeing countless specialists unable to diagnose and treat my chronic Lyme. I followed her recommended protocol and within weeks felt many major improvements. I’m so grateful for her vast knowledge and continual guidance. -Judy J, Stamford, CT

I have been going to Dr. Futterman for just over 2 years and she has truly changed my life. My mind body and soul have been transformed. I was extremely hesitant about going and it took me over a year to actually book my appointment! But now I am so glad I did. I had been allergy tested by other doctors and they always said I was fine. Futterman discovered I had intolerances to egg, dairy, soy, and corn! At first I was nervous, I have been eating this way for 28 years I was a bit in shock! Coming from a total foodie who ate out at new restaurants 4-5 times a week this was a lot to take in! Since changing my diet and altering my lifestyle I have more energy, I’m not bloated and I honestly have not felt better in over 10 years! I’m discovering new foods, new recipes and now its exciting going to the grocery store and preparing all my meals! Thank you Futterman for bettering my life! -Megan C, Patchogue, NY

I began working with Dr. Futterman in August of 2016. When I first made the decision to work with an ND, it was after exhausting many possibilities with traditional MD’s for many years. I had not been feeling well for over 2 Years and after extensive work with Endocronology, psychology, anxiety dr.s and medications, I did not make any real progress. I still didn’t feel well. Finally, my personal trainer suggested that I see an ND. It was the best decision I’ve made in years.

Regarding Dr. Futterman herself, she is so thorough, kind, and real, that it made the experience so much more than I ever could have expected. Not to mention her unexpected lighthearted and welcoming demeanor.

The blood work performed was extensive and super comprehensive. The evaluation was also clearly outlined and comprehensively explained until I understood exactly what she was doing and seeing.

The diagnosis was pointed and decisive, and the treatments were also very clearly explained and thoroughly outlined.

She prescribed all natural herbs for healing. By Thanksgiving, I felt like an entirely, healthy, different person. I felt happy, energetic, healed! I proceeded to recommend Dr. futterman to all my friends and family. I even have my teenage daughters working with her.

She is an amazing healer. No drugs!! -Audrey B, Old Greenwich, CT

Dr. Futterman is more than a health care provider, she is a teacher. She has taught me how environmental factors and my diet cause/contribute to my symptoms including poor sleep, depression and gastrointestinal upset. Simple modifications to my lifestyle have resulted in significant improvement in how I feel. I can’t say enough about her! -D.C., Redding, CT

I have been seeing Dr. Laura Futterman for several years. She is inevitably good-natured, thorough and responsive. She listens. Furthermore, she has been able to treat me, successfully and at low cost, for ailments that other physicians had no course of treatment for. Dr Futterman also works well with my primary care physician, who has even referred people to her. Naturopathic medicine, and Dr. Futterman, are key factors that keep me well. -Patient from New Canaan, CT

Working with Dr. Futterman for the past 10 years has been a life changing experience. I did not realize how sick I was until I started feeling good under her care. My symptoms and medical concerns were never ignored, dismissed. I was never rushed through my appointments or made to feel like just another patient or a number. Dr.Futterman’s systematic yet caring and personable approach to Medicine is refreshing. -Dr. Juenara (JD) Washington, Stamford, CT

It takes a special person with a huge heart to be able to guide one on their healing journey. It takes a unique spirit to carry a vision of health for all they encounter. It takes a beautiful soul to sit with one in their fear, and gently, yet truthfully guide them back to a state of health, while also allowing people to have their own realizations along the way. That is who Dr. Laura Futterman is. Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege to call her my doctor, my peer, and more importantly, my friend. Whether you are just stepping onto your path of natural medicine, or you have been struggling for answers and to date have not found them – she is the last stop. She bravely and fearlessly addresses the health issues that many shy away from, and it is her total belief in the power of nature and the human spirit, that allows her to help you. -Debra Hastings, Guilford, CT

Dr Laura Futterman has been a Godsend for me. She is compassionate, professional and passionate about the holistic health of her patients. She not only treats me, she also takes the time to educate me. I can’t imagine my life without her. I highly recommend Dr. Laura!! -Eileen H., Stamford, CT

I was in extremely bad shape when I arrived to Dr F’s doorstep. I had exhausted all my options in finding help with identifying what was ailing me, and how to get better. I had seen so many different doctors- so many types of specialists- all dumbfounded by my symptoms and lab work, and with no options how to proceed. Dr F was the first person to look at me honestly and say, ‘I got you’. And, indeed she did. She was quick to recognize the signs of late stage neurological lyme with co-infections and aggressive autoimmunity/ immune dysfunction, and was able to tell more from an experiential clinical diagnosis than all of my previous tests & doctors combined. She dove right in and grabbed the reins on what otherwise seemed like a hopeless situation. Since that time she has proven to be a godsend in my life – helping me heal from a very dire place. I have learned that not only was I extremely ill, but also that I am extremely sensitive, and Dr. F knows how to calibrate for that. Her vast knowledge and sharp intuition combine to create a true healer doctor. She leaves no stone unturned as she patiently and with dedication steers the ship toward each individual’s optimal health. She is tremendously personable, warm, and supportive as well as remarkably attentive and accessible. She has empowered me with tools to allow me to play a very proactive role in my own recovery, and has taught me so much about how to care for my own unique system. I thank my lucky stars every day that Dr F was sent my way. -Jill W., Sebastopol, CA

“Dr. Futterman is the needle in the straw. If you are considering a healthier approach to health than look no further. Unlike “regular” doctors, Dr. Futterman treats the individual as a whole and looks at all aspects of your lifestyle. She is very responsive and has extensive knowledge on many ailments. She keeps up to date on the latest research while incorporating methods that have standed the rest of time. I can not recommend her enough and feel so fortunate to have found someone like her. Say goodbye to your “western” doctors and say hello to Dr. Futterman! –Jessica M., Old Greenwich, CT

After being misdiagnosed for years, I was blessed to find Dr. Futterman who diagnosed my auto-immune disease and three co-infections, in addition to chronic asthma. She proceeded to take my compromised immune system, which was a hot mess, and brought it back. She worked with me, while I went to a specialist for additional treatment, keeping my immune system strong. This was key to my progress.

I have been working with Dr. Futterman for over five years and have seen significant improvement. She is a delight to work with and has a wonderful “bedside manner”. This is a tough journey but one that is absolutely possible with her support.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to her to set an appointment – you will not be disappointed, as she is truly the best! -MaryAnn M., Riverside, CT

An upbeat, experienced and caring naturopath, Dr. Futterman knows more about the human body and how its parts interact than your typical medical doctor or specialist. She is my “go to” doctor for much more than just food sensitivities! -Jeanette B., Port Chester, NY