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The Role of Regular Medicine (MDs, Drugs, Surgery)

Naturopathic Medicine is not opposed to conventional medicine as a matter of dogma in all situations. It is more a matter of a different philosophy, and a preference for using less toxic, less harmful treatments that give the body a chance to heal itself, and for identifying the cause of a condition rather than suppressing symptoms of that condition.

Most medical doctors, because they know little to nothing about natural treatments and don’t understand naturopathic philosophy, think naturopathic medicine is unscientific. In fact, this is incorrect. There is ample evidence, from all fields of scientific research, showing the efficacy of natural remedies. The accusation of lack of scientific support for naturopathic medicine does not recognize the bias of current conventional medicine. Many treatments that naturopathic physicians use today were part of conventional medicine at some point in time, and were abandoned not because they were dangerous or ineffective, but rather because pharmaceutical companies promoted a new treatment as better, so doctors abandoned the old one.

Drugs, surgery, and standard diagnostic procedures have an essential role in medicine – particularly if you’ve just been in a car accident, have a life-threatening infection, or are so sick that you have to go the emergency room or be admitted to a hospital. But for the great majority of conditions for which people seek medical care, the naturopathic approach is safer and more effective, with less chance for harm, than what conventional medicine has to offer.

As a rule, we always advises his patients to continue working with a conventional physician; to discontinue medicine only in consultation with the doctor who prescribed it; and frequently refers patients to medical specialists for specialized diagnosis or treatment.

It is not necessary to discontinue your prescribed medicine in order to undertake a treatment regimen with us.