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ProActive Health Care – Taking Charge of Your Health

Too often, patients leave their doctor’s office with only a prescription for medication, and little information about their condition or its cause. Often, whatever information they are given tends to further the notion that their condition is inevitable, incurable, and that the only possible course of action is to treat the symptoms with medication, or to remove the offending body part, surgically.

Naturopathic Physicians use therapies that can have remarkable results, even in those conditions that are commonly considered incurable. But – and it is nearly impossible to emphasize this enough  – it is highly improbable that you will get results you are seeking in naturopathic medicine unless you, the patient, take an active role in your health. This means a willingness to make diet and lifestyle changes; to take nutritional and/or herbal supplements that have been recommended; to pursue complementary treatments such as acupuncture or other natural therapies; and, perhaps most importantly, to be patient with the process of healing. In short, a successful naturopathic patient is often the one willing to make dietary and lifestyle changes. The more severe your condition, the more important this factor is. A cancer patient, or someone with Systemic Lupus, may feel like they have to turn their life upside down in order to implement a naturopathic program. Of course, given the benefits and the seriousness of the condition, that is what is called for. (And, keeping in mind the side effects and demands of drug therapy for some of these conditions, some changes are inevitable anyway.) On the other hand, some cases may be quite simple and require only small changes, but it is never reasonable to expect dramatic changes in your health without significant effort on your part.

The crux of the matter is this – with naturopathic medicine, the physician can help you by identifying possible causes of your condition and guiding you on the path back to health. But it is you, or perhaps you and your loved ones, that will have to take the steps along that path.